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PBS's premier science-documentary series, which has won six Peabody Awards and more than 20 Emmys since its 1974 debut.

Mysteries of Sleep

Why do we sleep? And what does sleep have to do with memory, trauma, and our emotions?
Cat Tales

WETA PassportCat Tales

Goddess, demon, house pet? What does science say about the human relationship with cats?

Dog Tales

WETA PassportDog Tales

Follow the epic journey of dog domestication and see what science says about dogs’ love.

Polar Extremes

Polar Extremes

Paleontologist Kirk Johnson explores the dynamic history—and future—of ice at the poles.

Animal Espionage

WETA PassportAnimal Espionage

Camera technology is revolutionizing the study of animals—without them even noticing.

The Violence Paradox

WETA PassportThe Violence Paradox

Is violence actually declining? If so, why? And can we build a more peaceful future?

Decoding da Vinci

Decoding da Vinci

Discover the science behind Leonardo da Vinci's masterpieces—and Mona Lisa's iconic smile.