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Board & Management

WETA Officers

Sharon Percy Rockefeller

Sharon Percy Rockefeller
President and Chief Executive Officer
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Jason R. Daisey

Jason R. Daisey (Photo courtesy KERA)
Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer
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David C. Purvis

David C. Purvis
Senior Vice President, Chief Financial Officer and Treasurer
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Lisa Lindstrom Delaney

Lisa Lindstrom Delaney
Senior Vice President and General Counsel
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WETA Board of Trustees

Timothy C. Coughlin

Timothy C. Coughlin
Chairman, WETA Board of Trustees
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Vice Chair and Secretary

Catherine Stevens

Assistant Secretary to the Board

Kari Waldack


Kenneth Adelman
Karna Small Bodman
Peter Buscemi
René Carter
John Dalton
Gregory Gallopoulos
Ronald Gordon
Frederick Humphries, Jr.
Timothy Keating
Judith Lansing Kovler
Roger Krone
Susan Lee
Jerome Libin
Elizabeth Lodal
Mara Mayor
Lawrence Nussdorf
Robert Quinn
Margaret Milner Richardson
Thomas Saylak
Pauline Schneider
John Schwieters
Robert Sloan
Riley Temple
John Ulfelder

Ex-Officio Board Members

Sharon Percy Rockefeller
Loren Allan Smith

Trustees Emeritus

John W. Hechinger, Jr.
J. Roderick Heller, III
David O. Maxwell


WETA Management

Jeff Bieber

Vice President, Content Development and Production

Kathy Connolly

Vice President, Major and Planned Giving

Jim Corbley

Vice President, Production Management

Dan DeVany

Vice President and General Manager, Radio

Iris Drayton-Spann

Vice President, Human Resources and Organizational Development

Karen Fritz

Vice President, Program Development, Syndication and Outreach

Adam Gronski

Vice President, Corporate Marketing

Noel Gunther

Vice President, Learning Media

Chris Lane

Vice President, Operations and Engineering

Elaine Laughlin

Vice President, Foundation and Government Development

Jeff Regen

Vice President, Membership Marketing and Development Services

Mary Stewart

Vice President, External Affairs

John wilson

Vice President, Project Management



Board Meetings

Meetings of the WETA Board of Trustees and its committees are open to the general public and, unless otherwise noted, are held at WETA's administrative offices at 3939 Campbell Avenue, Arlington, Virginia 22206.

Please see the meeting schedule for more information.

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