Lucky Chow

The seven-part series LUCKY CHOW returns for a second season with host Danielle Chang, who explores Asian cuisine's impact on American food culture, while discovering how deeply Asian culture is rooted in our everyday lives.

Taiwan's True Flavor

26m 48s

Cathy Erway, author of “Foods of Taiwan,” hits a Chinatown market and then makes the island’s most famous dish, beef noodle soup. At Taiwan Bear House, started by homesick young expats, Danielle tries a New York take on the box lunches known as biandang. And in California’s Orange County, she pays a twilight visit to America’s closest counterpart to a classic Taiwanese night market.


  • Comfort: asset-mezzanine-16x9


    S4 E406 - 26m 51s

    Comfort food is nostalgic, hearty, soothing, and has never been more indispensable. Whether it’s Chinese food made at home with an assist from cooking blogs like The Woks of Life or Taiwanese and Indonesian classics reimagined by young chefs like Eric Sze (886), Trigg Brown (Win Son), or Cedric Vongerichten (Wayan), fresh takes on familiar flavors are finding a new generation of hungry fans.

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    S4 E403 - 26m 51s

    We look into the future with three acclaimed women chefs in the Pacific Northwest; the founder of Pared, the game-changing app that has revolutionized how restaurants hire staff; Robert Wang, who invented the Instant Pot as something to help him cook healthier food for his children; and Lucas Sin, chef and founder of Junzi Kitchen, who is bringing awareness to the diversity of Chinese food.

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    S4 E405 - 26m 51s

    In this episode, we meet the editors of Banana, a magazine creating a voice for contemporary AZN culture, visit an urban rice paddy in the heart of New York City, and talk to the creator of the hot Chinese cooking blog, Omnivores Cookbook. We also spend time looking at the future of Asian cocktail culture and how traditional Asian brews like sake and shochu are growing in popularity stateside.

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    S4 E402 - 26m 51s

    Explore the idea of functional food and tell stories of individuals who are looking to heal the body, spirit, and global community one meal at a time. Accomplished multi-hyphenate Waris Aluwahlia, celebrated chef Su-Mei Yu along with Nimai Gupta, a farmer who is dedicated to practicing Ayurvedic agriculture show us that consciousness and intent are two of the most powerful ingredients in life.

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    S4 E404 - 26m 51s

    Explore the vast Asian diaspora. Cultural and culinary mashups take form in Park’s Filipino-American BBQ; J.J. Johnson’s Afro-Asian rice bowls, Llama San’s take on the unique Peruvian-Japanese flavors known as Nikkei cuisine; and James Syhabout, the two Michelin-star Lao refugee chef who keeps one foot in the past while forging new flavor frontiers.

  • Generasians: asset-mezzanine-16x9


    S4 E401 - 26m 51s

    A fourth-generation Japanese-American farm. America’s oldest tofu shop in the hands of a surprising new owner. A mother-son relationship built on a passion for food and a love of heritage. A historic Hollywood cafe that is part culinary hotspot, part history exhibit. A former commander in the South Vietnamese army and CIA collaborator who now owns a James Beard award-winning restaurant.


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    Lucky Chow: TVSS: Iconic

    Lucky Chow


    Oct 1

    30 Minutes

    Three women chefs in the Pacific Northwest; the founder of Pared; Robert Wang, inventor of the Instant Pot; chef Lucas Sin, founder of Junzi Kitchen.
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    Lucky Chow: TVSS: Iconic

    Lucky Chow


    Oct 8

    30 Minutes

    Park's Filipino-American barbecue; JJ Johnson's Afro-Asian rice bowls; Llama San's unique Peruvian-Japanese flavors known as Nikkei cuisine; chef James Syhabout.

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