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Kris Bowers Reflects On Coming 'Full Circle' In Composing The Score For 'Respect'

Aretha Franklin liked how Kris Bowers played piano at a competition in 2011. It was his big break — a fact that he says was with him while he scored a upcoming biopic about the late Queen of Soul.

Metropolitan Opera Backstage Workers: 'Without People, The Opera Is Nothing'

A union representing 800 backstage workers began a publicity campaign today urging donors and government entities to withdraw support for the company because of a labor dispute.

On 'Time To Shine,' Black Violin Focuses On The Light

The duo, famed for enmeshing classical and hip-hop, looks back at America's past year and toward its near future on a new song, "Time to Shine."

Why A Musician Breathed New Life Into A 17,000-Year-Old Conch Shell Horn

A seashell found in a French cave appears to have been modified by prehistoric people so that it could be used like a trumpet, making it a new addition to the Stone Age orchestra.

After U.S. Immigration Battle, Musician Kayhan Kalhor Returns To Iran

Grammy-winning Iranian musician Kayhan Kalhor called the U.S. home for decades, until chaotic encounters with the immigration system caused him to leave the country permanently.

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