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Headlines from PBS NewsHour

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    Hurrican Fiona landfalls in Puerto Rico

    How Puerto Ricans are coping in the wake of Hurricane Fiona

    9/24/2022 - 5:45 pm

    Puerto Ricans continue to struggle in the aftermath of Hurricane Fiona. Widespread power outages, washed out roads and homes toppled by flooding have left residents frustrated and scared. We hear from people on different sides of the island and Associated Press correspondent Dánica Coto about Puerto Rico's recovery after the storm.

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    Residents clean up after Hurricane Fiona in Halifax

    News Wrap: On the heels of Fiona, a new storm brews in the Caribbean

    9/24/2022 - 5:50 pm

    In our news wrap Saturday, Florida and the Gulf Coast brace for Tropical Storm Ian while communities from Puerto Rico to Canada deal with the aftermath of Hurricane Fiona, Albert Pujols became the fourth baseball player in MLB history to hit 700 home runs, Biden awarded the National Humanities Medal to singer Elton John, and jazz musician Pharoah Sanders and actress Louise Fletcher have died.

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    FILE PHOTO: Venezuelan migrants arrive at Martha's Vineyard

    Attorney discusses migrants' lawsuit against Florida Gov. DeSantis

    9/24/2022 - 5:35 pm

    Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis is facing a class action lawsuit for flying roughly 50 migrants unannounced from Texas to Martha's Vineyard, without food, shelter or resources planned. The suit says that DeSantis and other individuals defrauded vulnerable immigrants to advance a political agenda. Oren Sellstrom, one of the attorneys involved in the lawsuit, joins Geoff Bennett to discuss.

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    FILE PHOTO: Pump jacks operate in an oil field in Los Angeles

    Big Oil pledged to fight climate change, but do their actions line up?

    9/24/2022 - 5:30 pm

    To prevent catastrophic global warming, international groups say there should be no new investment in fossil fuel projects. The world's biggest energy companies support those goals publicly, but their spending and lobbying suggest they have no plans to slow down oil and gas development. Ali Rogin explores new data showing a disconnect between what major industry players are saying and doing.

New Videos

“Yearning to Breathe Free” (1938-1942): asset-mezzanine-16x9

“Yearning to Breathe Free” (1938-1942)

The U.S. and the Holocaust

As World War II begins, Americans are united in their disapproval of Nazi brutality but divided on whether to act. Some individuals and organizations work tirelessly to help refugees escape. Meanwhile, Charles Lindbergh and isolationists battle with Roosevelt to try to keep America out of the war. Germany invades the Soviet Union and secretly begins the mass murder of European Jews.

Highlights: The State Funeral of HM Queen Elizabeth II: asset-mezzanine-16x9

Highlights: The State Funeral of HM Queen Elizabeth II

Remembering Queen Elizabeth II: Procession, Vigil and State Funeral

Watch highlights from the state funeral of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II on Monday, September 19, 2022. The Queen’s coffin was taken in procession from Westminster Hall to Westminster Abbey for her funeral service, after which it was taken by hearse from London to Windsor for a committal service in St. George’s Chapel at Windsor Castle.

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Episode 4: asset-mezzanine-16x9

Episode 4


Max and Jake pick up arguments old and new, while the Lynches face their darkest secret. Max offers Erin a way out but is running out of time to find one for himself.

“The Golden Door” (Beginnings-1938): asset-mezzanine-16x9

“The Golden Door” (Beginnings-1938)

The U.S. and the Holocaust

After decades of maintaining open borders, a xenophobic backlash prompts Congress to pass its first laws restricting immigration. Meanwhile, in Germany, Hitler and the Nazis begin their persecution of Jewish people, causing many to try to flee to neighboring countries or America. Franklin Roosevelt and other world leaders are concerned by the growing refugee crisis but fail to coordinate a response.

Hazing: asset-mezzanine-16x9


Independent Lens

Hazing is a widespread, far-reaching practice fueled by tradition, secrecy, groupthink, power, and the desire to belong in fraternities and sororities on college campuses across the U.S. Filmmaker Byron Hurt embarks on a deeply personal journey to understand the underground rituals of hazing, revealing the abuse and the lengths college students will go to fit in.

Tobacco, Pants and Jazz: asset-mezzanine-16x9

Tobacco, Pants and Jazz

La Otra Mirada

After the mysterious murder of the Spanish ambassador in Lisbon, Teresa follows a lead to a young girls’ academy in Seville. Teresa decides to pose as a teacher and applies for a place at the academy.

Lion: The Rise and Fall of the Marsh Pride: asset-mezzanine-16x9

Lion: The Rise and Fall of the Marsh Pride

Lion: The Rise and Fall of the Marsh Pride

Explore the story of the Marsh pride of lions as it battles for survival in Kenya’s Maasai Mara Reserve. In a world where lions and humans are increasingly at odds, the film charts the rise and fall of the pride. Featuring archival footage and testimony from those who have filmed the pride and lived alongside it, "Lion" is a powerful tale of shifting loyalties, complex family dynamics and more.

Facing Suicide: asset-mezzanine-16x9

Facing Suicide

Facing Suicide

FACING SUICIDE combines the poignant personal stories of people impacted by suicide with profiles of scientists at the forefront of research to reveal new insights into one of America’s most pressing mental health crises. The documentary shines a light on this difficult topic can destigmatize suicide while revealing that there is help as well as hope for those at risk and their loved ones.

The Fall: asset-mezzanine-16x9

The Fall

The Boleyns: A Scandalous Family

Follow Anne's journey as she becomes queen and changes the course of British history. This is a dangerous game and the Boleyn's have no idea of the high price they will have to pay.

Eyes Closed: asset-mezzanine-16x9

Eyes Closed


A young girl is stabbed in a park at night but manages to flag down a taxi which takes her to the hospital. The cab driver had no motive but did not call the police. The team discovers not only that she is pregnant but also that she was sexually assaulted on a previous occasion.

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Rise of the Bolsonaros: asset-mezzanine-16x9

Rise of the Bolsonaros

Rise of the Bolsonaros

This feature length documentary about the controversial president of Brazil, Jair Bolsonaro, tells the story of his extraordinary rise from relative obscurity to the ultimate seat of South American power.

Episode 6: asset-mezzanine-16x9

Episode 6


Another homeless man is found dead and killed in the same manner as the previous victims. Geordie and Will realize that they may have sent the wrong man to prison, and the real killer may still be at large.

Episode 6: asset-mezzanine-16x9

Episode 6


Reeling from the events in Kent, the COBRA team are briefed on the nature of a sophisticated malware which has infected the UK’s critical infrastructure.

Family: asset-mezzanine-16x9


The Great American Recipe

Celebrate family as the four remaining cooks prepare two dishes inspired by their friends and families. Whether it’s a neighbor’s lasagna or a dish passed down from grandma, the judges are in for some heartfelt food.

Ukraine: Life Under Russia's Attack: asset-mezzanine-16x9

Ukraine: Life Under Russia's Attack


A dramatic and intimate look inside the Russian assault on Kharkiv. FRONTLINE follows displaced families trying to survive underground, civilians caught in the fight and first responders risking their lives amid the shelling of Ukraine’s second largest city.

He's My Brother: asset-mezzanine-16x9

He's My Brother


Christine's brother Peter experiences his world through touch, smell, and taste. Now 30 years old, Peter's family is having trouble finding the proper care for his multiple disabilities. Told through Christine's eyes, He's My Brother explores how the family works to assure him a dignified life once the parents are gone -- and Christine's uncertainties about one day becoming his primary caregiver.

Episode 1: asset-mezzanine-16x9

Episode 1

Thou Shalt Not Kill

The body of 18-year-old Margherita is found near an apiary with her wrists cut, but Valeria knows that you must dig deeper to find out the truth. Viola comes to live with Valeria.

Episode 1: asset-mezzanine-16x9

Episode 1

Kidnap & Ransom

When Naomi Shaffer gets kidnapped in South Africa on business, Dominic King quickly establishes that the kidnappers are amateur street kids and in over their heads. King flies to Cape Town to appease the kidnappers’ demand by promising $100,000 in cash. Everything seems to be going smoothly but at the handoff things go horribly wrong.

The Storm: asset-mezzanine-16x9

The Storm

Hiding in Plain Sight: Youth Mental Illness

The Storm, the first two-hour episode of Hiding in Plain Sight, focuses on more than twenty young people who provide an intimate look at what it’s like to experience the symptoms of mental illness, from depression to addiction to suicide ideation. The film includes insights from families, providers, and advocates and explores the impact of childhood trauma, stigma, and social media.

Resilience: asset-mezzanine-16x9


Hiding in Plain Sight: Youth Mental Illness

In Resilience, the second episode of Hiding in Plain Sight, our “heroes” speak about finding help and inpatient and/or outpatient treatment. It also explores the criminalization of mental illness, tragedy of youth suicide, and “double stigma” that occurs when mental illness is combined with racial or gender discrimination. Throughout, the interviewees demonstrate the power of resiliency and hope.

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