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Antiques Roadshow

An antiques-appraisal series that turned out to be a ratings gem in PBS's attic. The simple format has `Roadshow' traveling around the U.S., evaluating family heirlooms and found items. It's based on the long-running BBC show of the same name.

Women's Work

Celebrate trailblazing women in a show spotlighting their outstanding work!
Vintage Philadelphia

Vintage Philadelphia

Flashback to Philadelphia finds from 2006 including one that has skyrocketed to $200K!

Vintage Indianapolis (2016)

WETA PassportVintage Indianapolis (2016)

Travel back 15 years to learn today’s values for previously appraised items!

Vintage Mobile

Vintage Mobile

Revisit Alabama appraisals 14 years after ROADSHOW’s visit to Mobile, plus a $70/90K find!

Vintage Honolulu

Vintage Honolulu

Say Aloha to amazing appraisals revisited 14 years later including one that’s $250-300K!

Vintage Milwaukee 2020

WETA PassportVintage Milwaukee 2020

Discover which magnificent Milwaukee treasure has an updated value of $70K-$100K and more!

McNay Art Museum, Hour 3

WETA PassportMcNay Art Museum, Hour 3

Superb San Antonio appraisals abound at the McNay Art Museum, including an $80,000-$140,00