Linda Carducci

Linda Carducci is the weekday morning host on WETA Classical, as part of a long career in radio.  Like many of her colleagues, Linda grew up in a musical family where classical music and opera were constant soundtracks.   

Classically trained as a pianist, Carducci completed an undergraduate degree in music, and began hosting a daily classical music program on a Pittsburgh radio station. Carducci also spent four years in the public relations office of the Pittsburgh Symphony Society, where she had the pleasure of working with internationally-renowned musicians and Pittsburgh Symphony orchestra members and interacting with the local and national press regarding the PSO's performances, tours and broadcasts.  

Before joining WETA Classical, Carducci worked as an on-air announcer in various formats at commercial radio stations in Pittsburgh and Washington, D.C.  Away from work, she attends as many live classical music and opera performances as time permits, and enjoys playing piano, visiting museums, and playing tennis.