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In the Emmy Award-winning series SIMPLY MING, host Ming Tsai prepares dishes using ingredients from his East-West pantry.Description to be provided

On the Road in Hawaii: Mom & Pops

26m 38s

On this episode of Simply MIng, Ming is On the Road in Hawaii! His fourth stop finds him in Honolulu with his parents- Mom & Pops. An all-time favorite, Ming's parents join him in the kitchen to make a Lilikoi Kir Royale, Kuo Ro with Steamed Buns and Sambal Dipping Sauce and Shredded Potatoes. It's one great episode filled with fantastic family stories and delicious food!


  • Frites: asset-mezzanine-16x9


    S18 E1813 - 26m 46s

    To start things up, Chef Tsai mixes his own version of Gin and Tonic with anise, cloves and cinnamon. The he cooks up a classic -Steak Frites- made with beautiful flat iron steaks and served up with fries and aioli. Then he cooks a vegetarian version of this dish, a delicious Portobella Frites with garlic and extra virgin olive oil.

  • Wings and Tempura: asset-mezzanine-16x9

    Wings and Tempura

    S18 E1812 - 26m 46s

    Chef Tsai cooks two popular favorites: Buffalo Chicken Wings and Vegetable Tempura. Nothing better to accompany these favorites than a Classic Shandy.

  • Meuniere: asset-mezzanine-16x9


    S18 E1811 - 26m 46s

    Chef Tsai cooks a delicious Sole Meuniere and a vegetarian version - Napa Cabbage Meuniere, both accompanied with Chive Rice. Before starting cooking he stirs two Agent 007 inspired cocktails - a Vesper and a non-alcoholic version, a James Bondi.

  • Sushi from Maui: asset-mezzanine-16x9

    Sushi from Maui

    S18 E1810 - 26m 46s

    Chef Tsai assembles sushi, home style. He starts by cooking Many Maki Rolls, with toasted nori, fresh fish, poached shrimp and avocado. Nothing better to accompany the delicious sushi than a Sake Royal made with Junmai sake and cassis, and a non-alcoholic Cassis-Lime Spritzer.

  • Tsai Family Hot Pot with Mom and Dad: asset-mezzanine-16x9

    Tsai Family Hot Pot with Mom and Dad

    S18 E1809 - 26m 46s

    Chef Tsai is in Hawaii visiting mom and dad. To celebrate the occasion chef prepares a festive Tsai Family Hot Pot, accompanied with Shrimp Wontons and complemented by red wine.

  • Sausage and Peppers: asset-mezzanine-16x9

    Sausage and Peppers

    S18 E1808 - 26m 46s

    Chef Tsai and Henry pay homage to Boston as they cook Sausage and Peppers Fenway Style, and a veggie version of this dish, Vegan Sausage and Peppers Bings. To get things started Ming stirs up a cocktail – A Thai Basil-Lemon Smash with bourbon and a refreshing Thai Basil Lemonade for Henry.

  • Crab Cakes: asset-mezzanine-16x9

    Crab Cakes

    S18 E1807 - 26m 46s

    This week on Simply Ming, Chef Tsai is going big on the crab. Chef Tsai prepares delicious Crab Cakes with a Lemon Aioli, and then follows that up with a vegetarian version-GF “Crab” Cakes with Lemon Aioli and Pineapple Smash.

  • Ravioli Two Ways: asset-mezzanine-16x9

    Ravioli Two Ways

    S18 E1806 - 26m 46s

    Chef Tsai starts off with a Buttery Shrimp Ravioli in a Watercress Nage, and then follows that up with a vegetarian version- Edamame-Shiitake Ravioli served up in a Thai Coconut Broth. Before the cooking starts, he prepares a Ginger Margarita for himself and a non-alcoholic Ginger Pop for Henry.

  • Broccoli and Beef: asset-mezzanine-16x9

    Broccoli and Beef

    S18 E1805 - 26m 46s

    Chef Tsai and Henry demonstrate two versions of a classic dish, Broccoli and Beef. First a delicious Beef and Broccoli Noodles with garlic and fresh minced ginger; then a Vegan Beef and Broccoli Bing. Before he starts the cooking, Chef Tsai mixes up a tasty Wasabi Michelada for himself and a Virgin Wasabi Michelada for his son Henry.

  • Dessert @Home: asset-mezzanine-16x9

    Dessert @Home

    S18 E1804 - 26m 46s

    Chef Tsai cooks Henry’s famous Five-Spice Orange Pound Cake and Chef Tsai will cook and Warm GF Chocolate Rice Cake. Before cooking dessert he stirs up an Espresso-Bourbon Cream Martini, and a refreshing Lemongrass Tea for Henry.

  • Ginger-Miso: asset-mezzanine-16x9


    S18 E1803 - 26m 46s

    Miso, ginger and sushi rice are used to create two exquisite dishes. First Chef Tsai cooks salmon coated with Shiro miso, minced ginger, sesame cucumbers and sushi rice. Then he prepares a vegetarian version using Japanese eggplant, miso glaze, which he serves on top of sushi rice cakes. He also shakes up a Orange-Ginger Wine Spritzer and a non-alcoholic version for Henry.

  • Okonomiyake/Japanese Pizza: asset-mezzanine-16x9

    Okonomiyake/Japanese Pizza

    S18 E1802 - 26m 46s

    Chef Tsai cooks up two versions of Okonomiyaki/Japanese Pizza. First a delicious Smoked Salmon, Crispy Fennel, Okonomiyake, and then a Vegan Okonomiyake made with rice flour, shiitake mushrooms, cabbage and seasoned with garlic and fresh ginger. To cool things down, he mixes a refreshing Cucumber-Mint Saketini for himself, and a Cucumber-Mint Spritzer for Henry.

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