Ever wonder what exactly is an Overture? Or what a daily life of a chamber musician is like?

Explore all things Classical, from in-depth looks into the details of Classical music to inspiring interviews with some of the best musicians today.

Listen to the episodes below and use the activity sheets to deepen your understanding.

Activity Sheets

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As you listen to the episode, take notes on the characteristic of the genre, as well as what is interesting to you about this kind of music. With your notes, write a description of what the music would be like if you were to compose a piece in that genre!

Whether the student has experience in music or not, this activity encourages the student to apply themselves creatively and musically, linking together what they learned with their own ideas and inspiration – the very first steps of composition! The activity also unveils the mystery or barrier of how music is written by showing that a mix of theory, tradition, and personal creativity is how music comes together.

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As you listen to our greatest musicians tell their stories, take note on what you think makes them successful. You will then consider your own journey – what are your passions, and how are you pursuing your dreams? Are there any similarities between you and the musician?

This is an activity of personal reflection and development. Students will hear stories and insight from successful musicians, and consider their own passions, whether it is music or not. By extracting the qualities that might make the musician the best in their field, the student will recognize successful traits they might already share or might want to adapt.