Government shutdown deadline looms amid new concerns

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More warnings about the potential effects of a government shutdown came Tuesday with concern from both the Department of Justice and the American Legion that national security could be affected and a signal from Moody’s that it would downgrade U.S. credit. Congress has until Saturday to figure this out. Congressional Correspondent Lisa Desjardins reports on where things stand.

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  • Harris calls government shutdown ‘completely irresponsible’: asset-mezzanine-16x9

    Harris calls government shutdown ‘completely irresponsible’

    S2023 E280 - 11m 7s

    Several issues are swirling this week with potential economic and political fallout, including the ongoing auto workers strike, a looming government shutdown and the first hearing in the impeachment inquiry into President Biden. Geoff Bennett spoke to Vice President Kamala Harris about all of it at Morehouse College in Atlanta where she courted young voters as part of a month-long college tour.

  • UAW president on Biden joining picket line, union's demands: asset-mezzanine-16x9

    UAW president on Biden joining picket line, union's demands

    S2023 E280 - 8m 1s

    In a first for a sitting president, President Biden joined a picket line in Michigan Tuesday to show support to striking members of the United Auto Workers union. It's the second week of strikes against Detroit’s Big Three automakers, GM, Ford and Stellantis. Amna Nawaz spoke with UAW President Shawn Fain about Biden's visit and the union's demands.

  • Some Lahaina residents return to what's left of their homes: asset-mezzanine-16x9

    Some Lahaina residents return to what's left of their homes

    S2023 E280 - 10m 56s

    It’s been seven weeks since the deadliest American wildfires in more than a century swept through the Hawaiian island of Maui. Some residents in the hardest-hit neighborhoods of Lahaina are finally getting a chance to return home. William Brangham reports from Maui on what life is like for those who survived.

  • An inside look on the frontline of Ukraine counteroffensive: asset-mezzanine-16x9

    An inside look on the frontline of Ukraine counteroffensive

    S2023 E280 - 11m 5s

    The U.S. has sent Ukraine tens of billions of dollars of weapons and senior U.S. military officials predict Ukraine has only about a month to make progress against Russia before rainy weather makes movement difficult. With the help of the Pulitzer Center, Nick Schifrin, videographer Eric O’Connor and their team spent a week on the frontline and has this inside look at the counteroffensive.

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