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September 10, 2023 - PBS News Weekend full episode

Sunday on PBS News Weekend, the latest from Morocco as the death toll from the devastating earthquake surpasses 2,100. As world leaders depart India, we look at the outcomes of this weekend’s G20 summit. Why millions of students are still chronically absent from school, and what can be done to get them back in the classroom. Plus, how climate change activism has spread to sporting events.

Responders struggle to reach victims of deadly Morocco quake

5m 50s

Morocco began three days of national mourning Sunday after suffering its worst earthquake in over a century. At least 2,100 people have died and many more remain unaccounted for as rescuers search for survivors. The United Nations estimates 300,000 people were affected by Friday night’s quake. Special correspondent Alex Cadier joins William Brangham with the latest from Marrakech.

Previews + Extras

  • Key global developments as G20 summit closes in India: asset-mezzanine-16x9

    Key global developments as G20 summit closes in India

    S2023 E264 - 5m 59s

    This weekend’s G20 summit in India concluded with the African Union joining as a new member, an ambitious new plan to build a railway connecting Europe and India through the Middle East, and an acknowledgement of the atrocities in Ukraine, but no mention of the aggressor. Special correspondent Pavni Mittal joins William Brangham from New Delhi to discuss key developments coming out of the summit.

  • Why millions of students are chronically absent from school: asset-mezzanine-16x9

    Why millions of students are chronically absent from school

    S2023 E264 - 6m 19s

    At the height of the pandemic, school closures disrupted many students’ lives. In 2022, nearly 16 million students across the U.S. were chronically absent, double the pre-pandemic truancy rate, according to a new Stanford University analysis. To learn more, Ali Rogin speaks with Hedy Chang, founder and executive director of Attendance Works, an organization helping schools face this challenge.

  • Climate activists target sporting events to demand action: asset-mezzanine-16x9

    Climate activists target sporting events to demand action

    S2023 E264 - 2m 51s

    Around the world, climate change protests have disrupted everything from daily commutes to a night at the museum. And as demonstrated at the U.S. Open on Thursday, they are now spreading to sporting events. Ali Rogin reports.

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