As a multimedia broadcaster, WETA can offer your company a multi-platform sponsorship program that ensures maximum exposure.

WETA offers the following sponsorship opportunities:

  • TV underwriting
  • Radio underwriting
  • WETA Magazine advertising
  • Online sponsorship
  • Custom packages

Television Underwriting

  • WETA PBS is a member station of the Public Broadcasting Service (PBS)
  • WETA PBS covers more than 53 counties in Virginia, West Virginia, Maryland and Pennsylvania, including the District of Columbia and Baltimore.
  • WETA television can be seen over the air and through DirectTV, Cox Cable, Verizon FIOS, and Comcast Cable.
  • In addition to WETA PBS, WETA also offers four digital channels.
  • In an average week, approximately 1.5 million viewers tune in to WETA PBS.
WETA Classical logo

Radio Underwriting

  • Classical WETA is heard on 90.9 FM in the Washington metropolitan area, 88.9 FM in Frederick, MD and on WGMS 89.1 FM in Hagerstown, MD.
  • Classical WETA 90.9 FM has the strongest FM signal in the Washington area.
WETA Magazine Montage

WETA Magazine Underwriting

  • The WETA Magazine is a monthly full-color publication mailed to more than 120,000 WETA members.
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Online Sponsorship

  • The WETA website,, has more than 650,000 page views each month.
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Custom Packages

Choose a multi-media package:

  • WETA offers opportunities to reach your target audience in multiple ways on television, on radio, in print and online

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