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WETA's Audiences

WETA offers sponsors the opportunity to connect with a highly influential, educated and affluent audience in an uncluttered, targeted environment. Take advantage of underwriting opportunities on WETA television and radio to reach this highly desirable market.


WETA's Television Audience

  • WETA TV 26 covers over 53 counties in Virginia, West Virginia, Maryland and Pennsylvania, including the District of Columbia and Baltimore.
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  • In addition to WETA TV 26, WETA also offers four digital channels.
  • WETA television can be seen through DirectTV, Cox Cable, Verizon Fios, and Comcast Cable.
  • In an average week, approximately 1.3 million viewers tune in to TV 26.
  • As Washington’s oldest and largest PBS station, WETA is a valued institution in our community. A 2007 national public opinion poll revealed that:
    • PBS is regarded as providing the most trusted source for news and public affairs programs, compared with other network broadcasters.
    • Americans are more satisfied with programming on PBS compared to cable and commercial broadcasters.
    • 80% of Americans believe that public and private funding given to PBS from government, corporations and individuals is "money well spent."

WETA's Radio Audience

  • Classical WETA has the strongest FM signal in the Washington area and broadcasts 24 hours each day on WETA 90.9 FM in Arlington, VA: WGMS 89.1 FM in Hagerstown, MD: and WETA 88.9 FM in Frederick, MD.
  • In an average week, more than 425,000 listeners in the D.C. metropolitan area tune in to WETA FM radio. (Source: Winter 2007 Arbitron)
  • Classical WETA has an active, affluent and civically-minded audience. A 2007 national public opinion poll conducted by National Public Radio found that, when compared to the average American adult, classical music listeners are:
    • 43% more likely to have made a domestic round trip in the past year
    • 98% more likely to have individual employment income of more than $100,000
    • 236% more likely to have participated in environmental groups or causes.
    • 188% more likely to have been active in a group seeking to influence public policy.
    • 100% more likely to have been a member of charitable organization.

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Sources: Roper Public Opinion Poll on PBS, national telephone survey of 1,002 adults 25-75, GfK Roper Public Affairs and Media Feb 2007. NPR Audience and Corporate Research, MRI Doublebase 2007 (NPR classical).


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