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The VICTORY GARDEN Presents edibleFEAST Season 36 Promo

Victory Garden’s edibleFEAST Season 36 is a is a re-launch of the classic PBS series combined with the deep local knowledge of Edible Magazines. From Minnesota to Memphis, New York to New Orleans, we'll learn about everything from crab trapping and grass fed dairy to fermentation and rooftop farms. In each episode you'll experience stories, gardening tips and recipes from America's food heroes.

The VICTORY GARDEN Presents edibleFEAST Season 36 Promo


More to Explore from The Victory Garden

  • Vertical: Think Up!: asset-mezzanine-16x9

    Vertical: Think Up!

    S32 E4 - 25m 12s

    Find the best climbing plants with garden correspondent Paul Epsom; create a vertical element in your garden with a bougainvillea espalier, inspired by The Getty Museum's Art collection; and stir up some tasty concoctions when Michel Nischan shows you how fresh juice can brighten any recipe.

  • Wet: Learn About Water in Your Garden: asset-mezzanine-16x9

    Wet: Learn About Water in Your Garden

    S32 E2 - 23m 31s

    Explore the Water Conservation Garden and learn about xeriscaping -- water-wise gardening; join gardening correspondent Paul Epsom at Longwood Gardens to learn about water features and elements that can add to any garden; and grow your own tea garden with Kip Anderson.

  • Cool: Create a Garden That's Cool: asset-mezzanine-16x9

    Cool: Create a Garden That's Cool

    S32 E5 - 25m 12s

    Explore a private garden in Beverly Hills with host Jamie Durie and see some fantastic pool-side landscaping; grow a garden that incorporates cook colors into perennial borders; pick the best plants for winter interest with gardening correspondent Paul Epson's favorites; and refresh your day with an appetizing recipe for a cool soup demonstrated by chef Michel Nischan.

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