Signature Dish

Preview: Caribbean Favorites

In this episode, Seth samples the diverse array of flavors around DC from Jamaica, Puerto Rico, and Trinidad and Tobago, learning about the melting pot that is Caribbean cuisine. Signature dishes: Jamaican jerk chicken wings at Andrene’s Caribbean & Soul Food in Brightwood; chuleta kan kan, a fried pork chop at La Famosa in the Navy Yard; and curried beef roti at Cane on H Street NE.

Preview: Caribbean Favorites


  • French Delights: asset-mezzanine-16x9

    French Delights

    S2 E7 - 28m 55s

    Explore the rich tapestry and traditions of French gastronomy with host Seth Tillman. First stop: Chez Billy Sud in Georgetown, for oeufs en meurette (eggs in a red wine sauce). In DC’s NoMa neighborhood, Le Clou blends tradition with modernity in their ris de veau (sweetbreads basted in brown butter). Bastille in Old Town, Alexandria, offers up a magret de canard (slow-seared Moulard duck).

  • Best of Breakfast: asset-mezzanine-16x9

    Best of Breakfast

    S2 E6 - 27m 42s

    This episode explores one of the most-requested cuisines from Signature Dish viewers: breakfast! At La Tejana in D.C.’s Mt. Pleasant neighborhood, Seth samples the 956 breakfast taco, before heading to Poolesville, Maryland to try Locals Farm Market’s famous chicken and waffles. The final stop is Any Day Now in D.C.’s Navy Yard for the scallion pancake breakfast sandwich.

  • Just Desserts: asset-mezzanine-16x9

    Just Desserts

    S2 E5 - 28m 33s

    Seth skips the main course and dives right into dessert, with memorable visits to the neo-bistro Lutèce in Georgetown, the dessert shop Mr. Bake Sweets in Riverdale Park, Maryland, and The Conche in Leesburg, Virginia, where chocolate infuses everything on the menu - even the drinks!

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