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September 17, 2023 - PBS News Weekend full episode

Sunday on PBS News Weekend, we look at the alarming rise in violence against health care workers and what can be done to keep them safe. Then, as a potential government shutdown looms, what’s at stake for the federal program that helps low-income families afford healthy foods. Plus, how climate change affects the timing and intensity of fall foliage.

Why violence is on the rise in health care facilities

7m 27s

Health care workers are five times as likely to experience workplace violence as other workers, according to government data. In a National Nurses United survey in 2022, 40 percent of hospital nurses said they’d seen an increase in violent incidents. Karen Coughlin, chair of the Massachusetts Nurses Association’s workplace violence and abuse prevention task force, joins John Yang to discuss.

Previews + Extras

  • Proposed WIC funding cuts raise child nutrition concerns: asset-mezzanine-16x9

    Proposed WIC funding cuts raise child nutrition concerns

    S2023 E271 - 6m 28s

    With a possible government shutdown looming, one federal program facing funding cuts is the Special Supplemental Nutrition Program for Women, Infants and Children (WIC), which helps low-income families buy healthy foods. Nell Menefee-Libey, public policy manager for the nonprofit National WIC Association, joins Ali Rogin to discuss the potential impact on millions of children and pregnant people.

  • How climate change is making fall foliage less colorful: asset-mezzanine-16x9

    How climate change is making fall foliage less colorful

    S2023 E271 - 6m 36s

    Next Saturday, the autumn equinox will mark the beginning of fall in the Northern Hemisphere. For some, though, the real start of fall is when the leaves change color. But scientists say climate change is affecting both the timing and intensity of fall foliage. John Yang speaks with Bill Keeton, a professor of forest ecology at the University of Vermont, to learn more.

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