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February 24, 2024 - PBS News Weekend full episode

Saturday on PBS News Weekend, it’s primary day for Republicans in South Carolina — how will the results affect Nikki Haley’s fight for the presidential nomination? Then, as Ukraine marks the second anniversary of the war with Russia, we look at the effect of the conflict on its people and what lies ahead. Plus, the growing problem and health consequences of social disconnection and loneliness.

How South Carolina may affect Haley’s fight for nomination

4m 26s

Saturday’s South Carolina primary is a crucial test for former two-term Gov. Nikki Haley’s effort to puncture former President Donald Trump’s air of inevitability. Trump has big leads over Haley in both polling averages and the number of delegates already allocated. South Carolina Public Radio’s Thelisha Eaddy joins John Yang from Haley’s election night headquarters in Charleston to discuss.

Previews + Extras

  • What lies ahead for Ukraine, 2 years since Russia’s invasion: asset-mezzanine-16x9

    What lies ahead for Ukraine, 2 years since Russia’s invasion

    S2024 E56 - 7m 3s

    Two years ago today, Russia launched its full-scale invasion of Ukraine. Every day since then, an average of 42 Ukrainian civilians have been killed and wounded. More than 14 million people are in need of humanitarian aid and about 4 million have been displaced within Ukraine, with more than 6 million living as refugees around the world. Nick Schifrin joins John Yang to discuss his reporting.

  • The growing health crisis of loneliness in America: asset-mezzanine-16x9

    The growing health crisis of loneliness in America

    S2024 E56 - 6m 11s

    According to the American Psychiatric Association’s latest monthly poll, 1 in 3 Americans said they felt lonely at least once a week over the past year, with younger people more likely to report these feelings than other age groups. Edward Garcia, head of the nonprofit Coalition to End Social Isolation and Loneliness, joins Ali Rogin to discuss the cause and how communities can work to combat it.

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