28m 16s

Hosts Christine Louise and John Begeny join realtor Shalisha Ragland to tour three homes around the historic Anacostia neighborhood of D.C.

Previews + Extras

  • The Deep Roots of Inequality in Southeast DC: asset-mezzanine-16x9

    The Deep Roots of Inequality in Southeast DC

    S1 E6 - 3m 46s

    Author and historian Marjorie Lightman traces the impact of flattening and urban renewal on the uneven development of Anacostia, while Kim Ford of Martha’s Table and Jessica G. Smith of the 11th Street Bridge Park discuss modern challenges for the neighborhood and their optimism for its development.

  • Is One Bathroom a Dealbreaker?: asset-mezzanine-16x9

    Is One Bathroom a Dealbreaker?

    S1 E6 - 5m 11s

    Christine and John visit a charming 3-bedroom off of Good Hope Rd – but can a brand new kitchen, beautiful hardwood floors and an elegant staircase overcome its lack of, er… facilities?

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