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Join host Peggy Sagers as she explores a multitude of fabrics from around the world and teaches viewers how to "weave" these fabrics into their personal lives.


26m 46s

What methods do factories use to make garments look so professional? Host Peggy Sagers goes to the sewing machine to teach useful techniques for a neat neckline and a perfect zipper.


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    S11 E1112 - 26m 46s

    What methods do factories use to make garments look so professional? Host Peggy Sagers goes to the sewing machine to teach useful techniques for a neat neckline and a perfect zipper.

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    S11 E1111 - 26m 46s

    Can I alter a wedding dress? Alterations for wedding gowns can be very expensive. Master tailor Nataliya Desheva demonstrates a few tips and methods that take the mystery and fear out of altering a formal dress.

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    S11 E1110 - 26m 46s

    Why are there so many different stitches being used to sew garments? It is so confusing. Can you clarify? Peggy and her guests look at the numerous types of sewing machines and types of stitching, both serger and regular, and when to incorporate them into your own sewing experience.

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    S11 E1109 - 26m 45s

    I want to sew, but just don’t know where to start. Can you help me? The Novice Sewer and the Yoga Pant collide. 2 Guests, who have never sewn, are taught on set how to jump in there and discover the creative thrill of making their own clothes.

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    S11 E1108 - 26m 46s

    What is sublimation printing? Guest Eumir Vargas demonstrates the design, ink selection, and fabric choices for the sublimation printing process.

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    S11 E1107 - 26m 45s

    I make everything sleeveless, because I don’t understand sleeves and armholes. Can you help? Peggy walks us through the construction of 3 basic sleeve designs: the Set In sleeve, Kimono, and Raglan.

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    S11 E1106 - 26m 45s

    When I try to make pattern changes for pants, I am always running into other issues. I don’t want to make patterns, just understand a few rules. Can you help me? Host Peggy Sagers explains how understanding length, circumference and depth is critical to sewing pants for a perfect fit.

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    S11 E1105 - 26m 45s

    Do I need a dress form? How would it help me? Peggy demonstrates how sizing a dress form, then making a muslin for the dress form, will ultimately improve and simplify your fitting process.

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    S11 E1104 - 26m 45s

    Why use interfacing in our garments? Host Peggy Sagers looks at how top designers use interfacing and for what purpose. She demonstrates the basics of selecting and applying fusing materials to your fabrics.

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    S11 E1103 - 26m 45s

    I am 5’ and can never get anything to look right on me. Can you help? Guest Roxanne Carne is a personal stylist and expert at making clothing choices that fit your body proportions. Learn sewing and pattern choices along with clothing selections that that make dressing a joy, not a struggle.

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    S11 E1102 - 26m 46s

    The hardest part of sewing is mixing patterns and fabrics. How do I get better at choosing fabrics? There are some rules to follow. Well known designer Michael Faircloth walks us through the essentials of fabric properties and to use that knowledge to enhance our designs.

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    S11 E1101 - 26m 45s

    What do I need to know before purchasing that ever-important, first sewing machine? Guest Jerry Hudgins, known as “Mr. Sewing Machine,” has been in the sewing machine business for 60 plus years. He shares his knowledge of sewing history and how to choose the right vendor and machine to fit your needs.

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