To The Contrary

Single At Heart - Dr. Bella DePaulo

Dr. Bella DePaulo, social psychologist and lifelong single woman, discusses her book titled "Single at Heart: The Power, Freedom, and Heart-Filling Joy of Single Life" in which her research challenges the stereotypes associated with single life, arguing being single can be a joyful, meaningful, fulfilling, psychologically rich, and authentic life.

Single At Heart - Dr. Bella DePaulo

26m 39s

  • Climate Anxiety and the Kid Question: asset-mezzanine-16x9

    Climate Anxiety and the Kid Question

    S33 E3305 - 26m 46s

    Jade Sasser, a University of California associate professor, shares her research how the increasing concerns about the environment are affecting people's decision to have children in her latest book, “Climate Anxiety and the Kid Question: Deciding Whether to Have Children in an Uncertain Future.”

  • Motorhome Prophecies - Carrie Sheffield: asset-mezzanine-16x9

    Motorhome Prophecies - Carrie Sheffield

    S33 E3304 - 26m 52s

    Carrie's memoir, "Motorhome Prophecies: A Journey of Healing and Forgiveness," details her transformation from an abusive childhood in a fundamentalist Mormon family to finding fulfillment through Christianity and mental health practices, highlighting resilience, forgiveness, and hope amid adversity.

  • Homelessness - HUD Sec. Marcia Fudge: asset-mezzanine-16x9

    Homelessness - HUD Sec. Marcia Fudge

    S33 E3303 - 26m 46s

    Homelessness in America: We speak with outgoing HUD Sec. Marcia Fudge about her work in helping those who are unhoused. Fudge announced her retirement on March 16 after three years in the position. She had previously served in the US House of Representatives for 13 years and was chair of the Congressional Black Caucus.

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