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WETA Broadcast Coverage

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Broadcast Updates:

In August 2020, WETA transitioned the WETA UK channel to a high-definition (HD) format in order to offer viewers a clearer picture and a higher-quality viewer experience. 

If you continue to have difficulties receiving WETA UK and cannot resolve the issue, please contact WETA Audiences Services at 703-998-2724


How to Install a Digital Antenna

How to Rescan

**These are “generic” instructions and your TV may use different descriptions For exact instructions, consult your TV owner’s manual; if you no longer have the manual, you can search online by typing “how to rescan my [Brand Name] TV” – see below for quick links to some common brand name TVs

1. Go to the TV Menu on your remote control

2. Select/find “Channel Setup” (or similar)

3. Choose “Antenna” and/or “Air”

4. Run “Auto Program” (or similar)

5. Your TV may take roughly 3 to 15 minutes to find all the channels in your area

If rescanning does not work, try a double rescan.

How to Double Rescan

(because sometimes a simple rescan does not work to recover lost channels)

1. Disconnect your TV antenna from the television

2. Rescan for channels (as above)

3. Turn off the TV

4. Reconnect the antenna

5. Turn on the TV and rescan