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How to Watch WETA UK

You love British television. You've found out that WETA UK exists. You're ready to start watching right now. But, you've got some questions first. We're here to help! 


How to Watch WETA UK

You can watch WETA UK in the Greater Washington area over the air, or on various cable systems as listed below:

  • Via antenna: 26.2

  • Comcast (HD subscribers only): 265, 1146

  • Cox: 800

  • Verizon FIOS (HD subscribers only): 474

  • RCN: 39 (SD), 602 (HD)

Information on the WETA UK transition to HD →

Frequently Asked Questions

Why does WETA have a television channel devoted to British imports?

WETA UK is the first channel of its kind among public television stations throughout the country. It will expand WETA Television’s service with programming that is unique to WETA in the Washington, DC, market.  

What if I have Direct TV or another carrier that doesn't offer WETA UK? 

You can still view WETA UK over the air on any television with an antenna. Utilizing an antenna switch (available at local electronics retailers) will also allow you to toggle between your provider an an over-the-air signal. 

Are WETA UK programs available to watch online? 

Sadly, rights issues often prevent us from being able to make WETA UK programming available for online streaming. But most WETA UK programs have fairly frequent repeat schedules, so hopefully one of those secondary timeslots will work for you!

Will you carry [INSERT PROGRAM HERE] on WETA UK?

Our WETA UK programming line-up changes frequently. We'd love to hear from our viewers and members about what series you'd like to see on WETA UK in the future. Contact us. 

Will you air the most recent season of [INSERT PROGRAM HERE] on WETA UK? 

We air many popular contemporary British series on WETA UK and do our best to provide the latest episodes of these programs as soon as we're able to do so. Rights issues often mean that certain programs can only air after a specified date, so keep an eye on the WETA UK schedule and our WETA social media platforms for the latest programming updates. 

Why can't I watch WETA UK in [INSERT MY CITY HERE]?

WETA UK is currently only available to viewers in the Greater Washington, D.C. area. If you are interested in seeng more British programming where you live, contact your local PBS station.