Can you imagine a world of classical music without the impact women in music have made over the centuries? Accredited or not, women have always been composing and performing music, and the line from Virginia Woolf “For most of history, Anonymous was a woman" applies to music as well. Women composers and performers have persevered sexism and prejudice to have their output of works be recognized, or to simply follow their passions as a career path. This month, we celebrate women in music from the past and present. Without their talents and creativity, we for sure won't be enjoying the same extraordinary music we know and love. See below for our on-air feature and blogs.

Classical Sunrise Celebrates Women's History Month

Join us over the week of March 11 to celebrate women composers on Classical Sunrise!

  • Monday at 7:25AM: Cécile Chaminade - Primavera
  • Tuesday at 7:24AM: Louise Farrenc - Symphony #3 in G Minor, Op. 36: III. Scherzo. Vivace
  • Wednesday at 7:22AM: Dora Pejačević - Piano Quartet in D Minor, Op. 25: IV. Allegro comodo
  • Thursday at 7:21AM: Pauline Viardot-Garcia - Violin Sonatine: II. Scherzo
  • Friday at 7:20AM: Lili Boulanger - Cortège


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