All Ready To Learn workshop participants will learn how to connect television to children’s literature and activities.

Each workshop introduces 2-5 new children’s books, and all participants will receive one of the featured books to keep, along with a certificate of attendance. Workshops take place on-site at the times that best work for participants. Workshops for child care providers tend to be 1.5 – 2 hours, while parent workshops tend to be an hour in the evenings at the participating center or school.

As your local public media station, WETA is committed to working with our community partners to bridge the achievement gap.


Each workshop’s core goals include the following:

“I was new to the community and the program helped me meet other moms. I love all the tips on how to read with my kids.”

Parent, Kings Park Elementary School

Workshop Themes Include:

Children smiling

Names and Identity

This workshop uses the overarching theme of names and identity to talk about the ways that we are similar to and different than our friends around us.

children reading

Building Reading Skills

Using the award-winning show Super Why, this workshop introduces participants to skills such as letter recognition and word families — the balanced literacy approach shown to help young children learn to read.

Third-grade music theory lesson

Music and Singing

Using lively shows like Sesame Street as a model, this workshop shows fun ways to integrate more music and rhythm into daily life and education.

Preschool girl

Anger and Other Emotions

This training helps adults begin the process of teaching children to navigate their “big feelings” and maybe gain a few tips along the way.

Elementary students examine leaf with teacher

Health and Nutrition

Using Sesame Street’s Healthy Habits for Life or Daniel Tiger episodes as a guide, adults can more easily promote healthy eating and exercise.

Kindergarten number cubes

Math and Measurement

This workshop uses the wonder and excitement of Curious George or Peg + Cat to show that math skills can be taught — and learned — with fun and enthusiasm.

Kindergarten boy with magnifying glass


Using the shows Sid the Science Kid or Ready, Jet Go!, this workshop teaches how to begin a conversation about hearing and the five senses with preschoolers.

Above photos by Allison Shelley/The Verbatim Agency for EDUimages

Currently, our WETA Ready To Learn workshops are being conducted virtually. If your day care, preschool, or other group is interested in hosting a workshop for parents or caregivers, please contact the outreach and engagement team.