Extraordinary Service


WETA roots its public service in a dynamic educational vision that has endured since the station was founded more than 60 years ago. The organization plays a critical role in the nation’s intellectual and cultural life as an esteemed national content producer, valued television and radio broadcaster, and innovative telecommunications company.

As a national content creator, WETA informs the American people, producing trusted reporting on the marquee news and public affairs programs PBS NewsHour and Washington Week with The Atlantic and presenting BBC World News. WETA educates the public about its collective history, developing acclaimed documentaries through partnerships with leading filmmakers. And WETA celebrates American arts and culture, collaborating with venues around the nation’s capital to produce entertaining performance programming.

The Station serves Greater Washington with five digital television channels: WETA PBS, the station’s primary channel, presenting primetime favorites; WETA World, offering documentary and public affairs programming from around the globe; WETA UK, spotlighting British drama and comedy; WETA PBS Kids, presenting trusted educational programming for young viewers; and, WETA Metro, an over-the-air channel and streaming channel featuring PBS favorites and that highlight the local community. The organization originates productions focused on the local community and offers effective educational services to parents and caregivers, helping to nurture children’s reading comprehension, literacy and developmental growth. WETA Classical is the leading classical music station in the nation, with multiple content channels and podcasts exploring the richness of this art form.

Continuing to innovate, WETA is available across digital platforms with digital-first exclusive content, streaming services, interactive educational resources, media hub thematic strands, and short-form features. As changes in the telecommunications industry accelerate, WETA intends to take advantage of new distribution and production opportunities to attract and serve new audiences.

PBS NewsHour
Henry Louis Gates
Washington Week with The Atlantic: TVSS: Iconic
Ken Burns Country Music

Remarkable Achievements


Guided by Sharon Percy Rockefeller for more than 35 years, WETA has a proven record of extraordinary service:

  • WETA is the second-largest producer of programming for PBS. 
  • WETA is the foremost producer of news and public affairs programming for PBS, with respected reporting from distinguished journalists, including Amna Nawaz and Geoff Bennett of PBS NewsHour and Jeffrey Goldberg of Washington Week with The Atlantic.
  • WETA tells America’s stories, creating engaging history programs with the nation’s premier documentary filmmakers, including Ken Burns and Henry Louis Gates, Jr.
  • WETA spotlights the nation’s arts and culture, producing performance programming from eminent institutions, among them The John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts, the White House, and The Library of Congress.
  • WETA builds community, connecting local audiences to area neighborhoods, historic sites, diverse restaurants, and performing and visual arts.
  • WETA develops and shares robust educational assets, including a wide array of resource-rich websites for parents, educators, and other constituencies.