Whether you need a large studio with multiple cameras or a small studio with a single camera, WETA delivers reliable and inexpensive webcasting services, including:

  • Large and small studio productions in 16:9 HD or 4:3 SD
  • A Transmission Center with a robust fiber-optic connectivity to Verizon's Audio/Video Operations Center (AVOC), VYVX, and satellite uplinks/downlinks, domestic and international gateways and PBS
  • Custom set and lighting design
  • Fulltime Veteran Broadcast Production Crews
  • Production Tape with EVS, HDcam, XDcam, SX, DigiBeta, SP, DVcam, playback and recording capabilities.

For all of your network-quality television production needs, contact WETA's Production Center at 703-998-2054 or contact us via email.