The Best Shows to Watch this February with WETA Passport

In honor of Black History Month, explore our special streaming lineup that includes WETA productions like Making Black America: Through the Grapevine, as well as new premieres like Fight the Power: How Hip Hop Changed the World. For our full list of Black History Month programs, visit Also this month is a special opportunity for WETA members: start streaming new episodes of Call the Midwife a month before they premiere! Plus, stream new episodes of hit local series If You Lived Here every week. And of course, you don’t want to miss out on the newest seasons of the dramas everyone is talking about: All Creatures Great and Small, Vienna Blood and Miss Scarlet & The Duke. Binge-watch all three right now with WETA Passport!


Call the Midwife Early Access

Follow the nurses, midwives and nuns from Nonnatus House, who visit the expectant mothers of Poplar, providing the poorest women with the best possible care.

Binge-watch Seasons 10 and 11 right now, and starting February 19, we’ll bring you early access—one month early!—to Season 12 of this fan-favorite drama! Watch the Season 12 preview now!


Making Black America: Through the Grapevine



This WETA co-production hosted by Henry Louis Gates, Jr. chronicles the vast social networks and organizations created by and for Black people—beyond the reach of the “White gaze.” Professor Gates sits with noted scholars, politicians, cultural leaders and old friends to discuss this world behind the color line and what it looks like today.

Binge-watch all four parts of this series now with WETA Passport!


Fight the Power: How Hip Hop Changed the World

Chuck D of Public Enemy explores Hip Hop’s political awakening over the last 50 years. With a host of rap stars and cultural commentators he tracks Hip Hop’s socially conscious roots. From The Message to Fight The Power 2020, he examines how Hip Hop has become "the Black CNN."

Stream the first installment right now and new episodes Tuesdays at 9 PM.


If You Lived Here

Preview: Deanwood


WETA's house-hunting series spotlights a wide array of neighborhoods and properties throughout the national capital area while celebrating each area’s history, culture, notable places and flavor. Hosts, best friends and longtime Washingtonians Christine Louise and John Begeny tour homes and communities with local realtors, exploring the D.C. Metro region one neighborhood at a time.

Stream new episodes of this hit local series every Monday at 9 PM.  


All Creatures Great and Small

Official Teaser


James Herriot’s adventures as a veterinarian in 1930’s Yorkshire get a glorious new adaptation in a seven-part series based on his beloved books. Nicholas Ralph stars as the iconic vet who became renowned for his inspiring humor, compassion and love of life.

Season 3 begins in spring 1939 as James and Helen prepare to walk down the aisle. Should their wedding go off without a hitch—and what are the chances of that?—James will have a new wife and a new stake in the business to think of. The pressure is on, and while his scheme to participate in the government’s practice to test for tuberculosis in cattle will expand the veterinary practice, it could put James on the outs with local farmers. Meanwhile, war with Germany looms on the horizon, leaving everyone wondering what the future holds.

Binge-watch highly anticipated Season 3 now with WETA Passport!


Vienna Blood



1900s Vienna is a hotbed of philosophy, science and art. Dr. Max Liebermann's extraordinary skills of perception and Detective Inspector Oskar Rheinhardt's determination lead them to some of the city's most mysterious and deadly cases.

Vienna Blood returns for a third season of diabolical new cases for Dr. Max Liebermann and Detective Inspector Oskar Rheinhardt to solve. Set in 1900s Vienna — a hotbed of philosophy, science, and art, where cultures clash and ideas collide in the city’s grand cafes and opera houses. Season 3 finds Max and Oskar once again thrust into the dark underbelly of glittering Viennese society, with episodes set in a luxury fashion house, the Chinese antiquities trade, and the budding world of cinema.

Binge-watch Season 3 now with WETA Passport!


Miss Scarlet & The Duke

Season 3 Preview


Kate Phillips (Peaky Blinders) stars in a six-part mystery as the headstrong, first-ever female detective in Victorian London. Stuart Martin (Jamestown) plays her childhood friend, professional colleague, and potential love interest, Scotland Yard Detective Inspector William Wellington, a.k.a., The Duke.

The highly anticipated Season 3 of Miss Scarlet & The Duke is here! Binge-watch Season 3 now with WETA Passport. In this season, Eliza finds herself investigating more fresh and surprising mysteries, ranging from a disappearing magician to police corruption, as she struggles to build her detective agency.


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