The Best Shows to Watch this August on WETA Passport

New month, new shows! If you’re looking for great shows to binge-watch this month, WETA Passport and the free PBS App have you covered! Experience the thrilling worlds of DCI Cassie Stuart and DC Leila Hussain, or dive into mysterious Amsterdam with Van der Valk. Don’t forget to explore our expansive collection of foreign dramas and thrillers from Walter Presents and remember you can enjoy the programs below and so much more, including thousands of hours of your PBS and local favorites, with WETA Passport and on the free PBS App. We hope you enjoy our top picks for this month and if you aren’t taking advantage of this fabulous member benefit yet, sign up now for instant access with WETA Passport!


Walter Presents Collection

Episode 9

47m 10s

There are many new Walter Presents foreign dramas to watch, so now is the time to introduce you to Walter himself! Walter is the biggest international drama fan (he has literally watched thousands of hours of shows) and delivers his passion for the intriguing and interesting straight to you with WETA Passport! Explore what is topping the charts around the globe from the comfort of your own home with our Walter Presents Collection!


Hope Street

Hope Street Series Promo


In this Northern Irish crime drama, the sudden arrival of DC Leila Hussain in Port Devine results in residents pondering the reason behind her arrival. Inspector Finn O'Hare knows why Leila has transferred to Port Devine, but is keeping it to himself.

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Nicola Walker and Sanjeev Bhaskar star as police officers investigating the cold case murder of a boy whose diary implicates four seemingly unconnected couples in a thriller that The Guardian hailed as “so much more than a satisfying murder mystery.”

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Van der Valk



Amsterdam—city of bikes, boats, and bodies. Marc Warren stars as steely-eyed cop Piet van der Valk in Van der Valk an all-new series based on Nicolas Freeling’s legendary crime thrillers. Co-starring are Maimie McCoy as Van der Valk’s right-hand woman, Lucienne Hassell; Luke Allen-Gale as the scruffy sergeant, Brad de Vries; and more!

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Astrid Nielsen works in the library of the judicial police. She has Asperger's syndrome. With an incredible memory she excels at analyzing files of ongoing investigations. The district commander decides to use it to the fullest, entrusting her with very complex investigations which have remained unsolved to date. From Walter Presents, in French with English subtitles.

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