The Best Shows to Watch this August with WETA Passport

If you’re looking for great shows to binge-watch this month, WETA Passport has you covered! Dive into thrilling cold cases and international dramas, or check out the exciting world of live music and photography with our top streaming selections for this August. You can stream all of the below programs and so much more, including thousands of hours of your PBS and local favorites. We hope you enjoy our top picks for this month and if you aren’t taking advantage of this fabulous member benefit yet, sign up now for instant access with WETA Passport! Watch anytime via the PBS Video App on your Roku, FireTV, AppleTV and Chromecast streaming devices as well as on your Samsung Smart TV, computer, tablet and smartphone.

Before We Die Season 2

Before We Die Season 2


After the explosive cliff-hanger of Season 1, the hotly anticipated Before We Die returns to see Hanna, Bjorn and Christian attempt to untangle themselves from life-threatening danger. As the group continues their pursuit of the Mimica crime family, they find new levels of corruption, espionage and criminality as they try to infiltrate The Circle. This danger is quicksand, and the more you struggle, the deeper you sink…

Binge-watch all of Before We Die Season 2 starting August 5 with WETA Passport.

Unforgotten Season 4

Official Teaser

1m 30s

Season 4 of this BAFTA award-winning series is the most dramatic season yet. This season in Unforgotten, Cassie and Sunny investigate a cold case with alarming links to the police force when a corpse is discovered in a scrap yard, his features frozen in time. All four suspects have links to the law and attended the same police training course back in 1989. But who exactly is fighting for justice? Can the police force ever really be trusted? And will Cassie and Sunny find themselves on the wrong side of the law? Guest stars in Season 4 include Alastair Mackenzie (Wolf Hall), Liz White (Life on Mars), Daniel Flynn (Father Brown), and more.

Stream all four seasons of Unforgotten now with WETA Passport.

Professor T (Both the English and original Belgian version)



Professor T, English version: This new English-language version of the popular Belgian crime drama stars Ben Miller (Death in Paradise) as Cambridge University Professor Jasper Tempest, a man obsessed with cleanliness, structure and order. But his genius for solving crimes means he constantly has to get his hands dirty, helping the police to crack their most difficult cases.

Binge-watch Season 1 of the English version of Professor T now with WETA Passport.

Preview | Professor T


Professor T, original Belgian version: With three seasons and a popular following, you should also be sure to check out the original Belgian version of Professor T. Follow the eccentric criminal psychology Professor Jasper Teerlinck, who has a brilliant mind, but also several neurological disorders which make him complex and often difficult. Along with his trusted colleagues Annelies and Daan, they form a team of high-powered advisors that the Antwerp Homicide Department comes to rely on. In Flemish with English subtitles.

Binge-watch all three seasons of the original Professor T series now with WETA Passport.

Icon: Music Through the Lens

Extended Preview

1m 15s

Icon: Music Through the Lens is a new six-part series that exposes the eye-opening, thrilling world of live music photography. Featuring irreverent interviews with some of the most famous music photographers, musicians, gallerists, music journalists and social commentators, this series captures what it was like on both sides of the camera when the most recognizable images in history were taken. Via studio portraits, record sleeves, coffee table books, along with magazine photo shoots, fine art, and images taken at live shows and exhibitions, learn about the origins of these enduring, iconic images and the future of music photography.

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Washington Decades Specials

Preview: Washington in the 2000s


Stream three installments of the popular WETA local television "decades" series: Washington in the ’80s, Washington in the ’90s and Washington in the 2000s, with WETA Passport. This series examines each decade from a uniquely local point of view, recounting the major events, people, places and changes in Washington D.C. Weaving together stories of local politics, sports, music and culture, the decades series provides a striking portrayal of a city reshaped by the times.

Stream all three installments of the decades series now with WETA Passport.

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