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Animal Companions | Preview

As we share life with our loyal companions, they in turn teach us about love, compassion, and mortality. Bill goes above and beyond to try and save the life of his son’s hamster; farming teaches Ray lessons about life and death; and Alta finds inner peace by swimming with a loon. Three storytellers, three interpretations of ANIMAL COMPANIONS, hosted by Wes Hazard.

Animal Companions | Preview


  • Adventure Ahead: asset-mezzanine-16x9

    Adventure Ahead

    S7 E24 - 26m 14s

    In the realm of the unknown, each adventure paves the way for revelation. Jynelle rediscovers the joys of adventure through her mother's eyes; a moment with Arctic terns redefines Mark’s understanding of perseverance; and Shannon steps up to the plate in a Beep Baseball showdown, where a rivalry ignites the field. Three storytellers, three interpretations of ADVENTURE AHEAD, hosted by Wes Hazard.

  • Into the Wild: asset-mezzanine-16x9

    Into the Wild

    S7 E23 - 26m 14s

    When we venture beyond the familiar, we can transform the unexplored into a canvas of discovery. Avesha's love of the outdoors is instilled by her father; Antonio turns a chaotic whale-watching trip into a memorable family adventure; and Jenny chronicles her run across America and the community who made it possible. Three storytellers, three interpretations of INTO THE WILD, hosted by Wes Hazard.

  • Body and Soul: asset-mezzanine-16x9

    Body and Soul

    S7 E21 - 26m 14s

    In the tapestry of existence, body and soul are interwoven threads. Alexandria discovers body gratitude through a harrowing medical journey; with her grandmother’s guidance, Shirley reconciles with the passing of a family friend; and Milos harmonizes a birth injury with the redemptive melodies of his clarinet. Three storytellers, three poignant reflections on BODY AND SOUL, hosted by Wes Hazard.

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