Spy in the Wild: A Nature Miniseries

More than 30 animatronic spy cameras disguised as animals secretly record behavior in the wild in this "Nature" miniseries from WNET and BBC. The series captures rarely seen behavior that reveals how animals possess emotions and behavior similar to humans -- including the capacity to love, grieve, deceive and invent. Special sequences include a female Nile crocodile gathering her babies in her mouth and carrying them underwater; a female red-billed hornbill waits with her chicks for her mate to bring them food; and a young chimp befriends an abandoned genet kitten.


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    Spy in the Wild: A Nature Miniseries: TVSS: Iconic

    Spy in the Wild: A Nature Miniseries

    The Poles

    May 24

    1 Hour

    An inside look at the animals in the Arctic and Antarctic Circles, from penguin chicks and elephant seals to wolf cubs and polar bears.

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