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Watch Inca Social Blend Flavors in Their Nikkei Ceviche

Host Seth Tillman heads to Inca Social, a Peruvian restaurant in Arlington, Virginia. There, he meets co-owner Fito Garcia and executive chef/co-owner Michael Ciuffardi, who show him how to make the Latin restaurant's unique dish: Nikkei ceviche, a seafood dish which combines Peruvian and Japanese influences.

Watch Inca Social Blend Flavors in Their Nikkei Ceviche

5m 21s

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    Sometimes, the best food can be found after hours. The late-night food scene in D.C. is on display as Seth Tillman visits Le Mont Royal for Montreal-inspired poutine. Next, he heads to Astoria on 17th Street for a spicy Sichuan water-boiled fish and a delicious burrata margherita pizza from Andy’s Pizza in Shaw.

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    Savoring South America

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