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Beating the Odds - Theatrical Trailer

When a degree is your goal, nothing can hold you back. “Beating the Odds” highlights how students everywhere are overcoming obstacles to get to college, standing on their struggles to reach even greater heights. Hear how leaders like Former First Lady Michelle Obama and Paralympian Scout Bassett made it to graduation—and beyond—by ignoring the odds and betting on themselves.


2m 18s

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  • Being Free

    55m 5s

    How do you find your path after serving time in the prison system? Reentering society may be paved with obstacles, but formerly incarcerated people are finding their footing back in the wider world every day. See how inspiring, system-impacted people are building fulfilling lives and navigating the complex realities beyond the walls of the carceral system.

  • Native Way Forward: asset-original

    Native Way Forward

    54m 15s

    For too long, TV and film have depicted Native American experiences in the past tense. It’s time to shine a light on the present-day lives of Native young adults, and explore what’s possible for their futures. In Roadtrip Nation’s newest documentary—led by director Ryan RedCorn—Native leaders are telling their stories in their own words, and illuminating the path for Native youth everywhere.

  • Caring Forward

    55m 27s

    Meet Alma, Samuel, and Ryan—three young people eager to transform the healthcare landscape and find work worth doing—and follow them as they travel across their home state in search of fulfilling and inspiring career paths. See how they and other inspiring people are meeting the moment to provide holistic health care in new ways to those who need it most.

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