Writer Latria Graham Reads an Emotional Farewell

“A Dream Uprooted” is an article written by Latria Graham about the struggle of losing her family farm. Here, she tells the story and reflects on this loss and her connection to the land she will no longer call hers.

Writer Latria Graham Reads an Emotional Farewell

2m 38s

  • RUBIO: asset-mezzanine-16x9


    7m 26s

    RUBIO is a San Antonio-based Chicano artist. When he was caught in a drive-by shooting, the near-death experience inspired his ongoing use of art as a means of sharing folklore, remembering friends, and celebrating the lives of the Westside community.

  • I'm the Girl – the Story of a Photograph: asset-mezzanine-16x9

    I'm the Girl – the Story of a Photograph

    16m 24s

    In 1951, a little girl became mesmerized by a Christmas display window in downtown Louisville. A photo of her has remained iconic for over seventy years. To this day, the identity of this wide-eyed child remains unconfirmed, except among the dozens of women who claim to be her. 'I'm the Girl' investigates the power of a single image, what it means to be seen, and the magic of the Holiday season.

  • Young Kings: asset-mezzanine-16x9

    Young Kings

    17m 6s

    From pulling clutches to pushing pedals, poppin' wheelies through the concrete jungle is an authentic, unapologetic form of Black expression in the heart of Atlanta. It is art and culture. It is freedom and escape. But in the news and in certain neighborhoods, bike life is criminalized. “Young Kings” uncovers the deeper meaning to Black cycle culture in Atlanta as these cyclists ride for dignity.

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