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April 18, 2024 - PBS NewsHour full episode

Thursday on the NewsHour, after some setbacks, the jury in the Donald Trump hush money trial is filled. The U.S. and Britain target Iran with new sanctions as the world waits for Israel's response to the weekend drone attack. Plus, scientists sound the alarm as warming waters trigger massive bleaching of the world's coral reefs.

More companies explore 4-day workweek for employees

7m 59s

Nearly one-third of large U.S. firms are exploring new schedules like the four-day workweek. Economics correspondent Paul Solman takes a look at what happened at some companies that tried out a four-day, 32-hour week at the same pay.

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  • Ethiopia conflict eases, but starvation risk remains: asset-mezzanine-16x9

    Ethiopia conflict eases, but starvation risk remains

    S2024 E110 - 6m 25s

    As Ethiopia continues to face one of the worst droughts in recent history, millions of its people are suffering from acute hunger. The United States resumed shipments in December after suspending aid due to theft allegations. But starvation is still prevalent. Special correspondent Jack Hewson reports from the Tigray region in northern Ethiopia.

  • Melinda French Gates on economic empowerment for women: asset-mezzanine-16x9

    Melinda French Gates on economic empowerment for women

    S2024 E110 - 8m 15s

    The United Nations estimates that closing the gender pay gap and giving women more access to loans and capital could give the global economy a $7 trillion bump. These issues are top of mind as leaders gather in Washington for meetings hosted by the World Bank and International Monetary Fund. William Brangham spoke with Melinda French Gates about increasing economic empowerment for women.

  • Record ocean heat triggers massive coral reef bleaching: asset-mezzanine-16x9

    Record ocean heat triggers massive coral reef bleaching

    S2024 E110 - 6m

    Scientists issued a warning due to record-breaking temperatures in 2023 which accelerated the speed of the second-largest mass coral bleaching event across the Atlantic, Pacific and Indian Oceans. Nearly a quarter of all ocean species rely on the reefs. William Brangham discussed the global situation and what’s at stake with Julia Baum, a marine ecologist and coral reefs researcher.

  • Trump trial closer to opening after 12 jurors selected: asset-mezzanine-16x9

    Trump trial closer to opening after 12 jurors selected

    S2024 E110 - 4m 38s

    A full jury has been seated in Donald Trump’s criminal trial, but jury selection had a rocky start with two previously selected jurors dismissed. One was excused after she said her personal information had been made public. The other was dismissed after prosecutors raised concerns that he may have not been honest in a questionnaire. William Brangham discussed more with Jessica Roth.

  • U.S. hits Iran with sanctions, urges Israel against attack: asset-mezzanine-16x9

    U.S. hits Iran with sanctions, urges Israel against attack

    S2024 E110 - 7m 6s

    On Thursday, President Biden and Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu’s top national security aides talked about Israel's potential response to the Iranian drone attack. U.S. officials think Israel shouldn't respond militarily and are trying to increase economic and diplomatic pressure on Iran to help make their case. Nick Schifrin discussed more with Dennis Ross and Khaled Elgindy.

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