McLeod's Daughters

The World Really Needed McLeod's Daughters

Bridie Carter on "the magic and the challenge" of shooting entirely on location. "We shot entirely on film and entirely on location. There was absolutely no studio whatsoever; and so it was hard going. It was bitterly cold in winter and ridiculously hot in summer. But...I really embraced that. And we never had to reach, we didn't have to reach too far for the truth of anything."

The World Really Needed McLeod's Daughters

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  • Ep. 26 - The Bore War: asset-mezzanine-16x9

    Ep. 26 - The Bore War

    S2 E4 - 42m 56s

    It's a dry spell and the women are suffering the consequences of water shortages. Claire cleans out an old bore hole to water her stock, but the newly discovered water soon dries up when Nick irrigates his cash crop at Wilgul. Initial attempts to resolve the situation fail, so a water licensing representative is called in to adjudicate.

  • Ep. 42  - Wind Change: asset-mezzanine-16x9

    Ep. 42 - Wind Change

    S2 E20 - 41m 47s

    Sexual tension is building between Nick and Tess. Tess is ready to take a step forward, but is interrupted when Alex's chopper flies over Killarney and dusts with chemicals, which threatens the adjacent freshly sown Wilgul organic wheat crop.

  • Ep. 29  - Three's A Crowd: asset-mezzanine-16x9

    Ep. 29 - Three's A Crowd

    S2 E7 - 42m 57s

    Tess is finding herself increasingly isolated from Claire, because of Peter. Tess tries to patch things up between Alex and Nick, but mistakenly reveals the truth about the rodeo accident - that Harry could have stopped the boys going competing, but chose not to. Harry’s subsequent assignment of all blame to 16-year-old Alex has left years of scars on the family.

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