The Infinite Art Hunt

The Infinite Art Hunt: Coming Soon to WHYY!

Tag along with Freddie on her quest to meet as many amazing artists and see as many amazing art spaces as she can this summer! Joined by her cousin Ty, Freddie gets tips from her fabulous Grandma Tilly and the occasional ride from Hildegard or Uncle Mars.

The Infinite Art Hunt: Coming Soon to WHYY!


  • A Goodbye for Ty: asset-mezzanine-16x9

    A Goodbye for Ty

    S1 E115 - 28m 46s

    Ty is heading to an art immersion program in New York and even though it’s months away, Freddie is determined to convince him to stay with her. Freddie’s art mission takes them to learn to play bomba drums and dance, two traditions that connect their guest to his Puerto Rican roots. Freddie finds a way to keep the cousins close even when Ty goes away for a while.

  • A Piece of Home: asset-mezzanine-16x9

    A Piece of Home

    S1 E114 - 28m 46s

    Freddie is in a tangle of emotions - her best friend is moving, and while she’s excited for Sable to have new adventures, she’s sad to see her go. On an art mission to a clay studio, Freddie decides to make Sable a going away gift but finds that throwing clay on a wheel is another thing she can’t control – but with guidance from a pottery instructor she learns to get through both messy situations.

  • The Lot: asset-mezzanine-16x9

    The Lot

    S1 E113 - 28m 46s

    After stepping in gunk in an abandoned lot, Freddie and Ty want to turn it into something clean and cool for the neighborhood. They meet Grandma Tilly’s printmaker friend who is helping the community restore a space by screen-printing posters to raise awareness. Ty and Freddie are inspired and decide to take on the lot themselves by organizing and promoting a clean-up day.

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