GardenFit Season 1 Trailer

Discover how to take care of your body while taking care of your garden with expert gardener Madeline Hooper and personal fitness trainer Jeff Hughes. Tour gardens across America and learn gardening tips and techniques to avoid stress and injury.

GardenFit Season 1 Trailer


  • Recipes on Fire: asset-mezzanine-16x9

    Recipes on Fire

    S2 E213 - 26m 46s

    Culinary inventor and chef James Gop invented Dinner Theater, creating dramatic open-fire cooking experiences that turn foraged food into imaginatively presented meals that reflect nature’s bounty. He takes us on a journey beyond the dinner plate, providing a new-found appreciation for our environment with a focus on sustainability. James’ lower back pain is reduced by using his hips correctly.

  • Garden Rooms with a View: asset-mezzanine-16x9

    Garden Rooms with a View

    S2 E212 - 26m 46s

    Bunny Williams, a legend in home and garden design, brings her style principle outdoors by creating garden rooms and walkways that flow naturally, just as a well-designed home. We encounter a parterre, formal gardens and spectacular mixed borders in the garden rooms surrounding her house. With a special “kickstand” technique, she learns how to bend in her garden for strong hips and good balance.

  • Framing Mother Nature: asset-mezzanine-16x9

    Framing Mother Nature

    S2 E211 - 26m 46s

    Marion Brenner, an award-winning photographer of gardens and architecture, believes the best photographs make you feel you’re in that space. We get to discover how her photography style informs her enchanting gardens, which are filled with unique plants and create a picture-perfect color feast for the eyes. Her chest tightness is relieved, and posture improved with a warmup and cooldown series.

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