Food Town

3 p.m. | It’s a Setup

Immediately after lunch rush, the early-riser chefs call it day. For other restaurant owners, the day is just beginning. During that afternoon golden hour when everything seems shut down downtown, chefs are behind the scenes either cleaning and closing up shop, like Ricky Moore at Saltbox Seafood Joint, or hustling in the kitchen to square away dinner service, like longtime chef Scott Howell.

3 p.m. | It’s a Setup

3m 55s

  • Durham: asset-mezzanine-16x9


    S1 E1 - 26m 10s

    A day in Durham is sliced, fried, and diced into a fast-paced countdown of 24 hours inside the Bull City’s hip and happening restaurant scene. Viewers meet the eccentrics, gastro-nerds and entrepreneurs who helped create the South’s recently-crowned “Tastiest Town.” Packed with flavorful explorations from sunup to sundown, go inside kitchens and dining rooms.

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