Essential Pepin

Souper Soups for Supper

Jacques’ Tomato Chowder with Mollet Eggs is a simple soup that can be made in moments and embellished with a soft and creamy, lightly cooked egg. Then Jacques prepares Black Bean Soup with Bananas, a dish that pays tribute to his wife Gloria’s Puerto Rican heritage. Plus, two soups from his childhood: Garlic Soup and Onion Soup Lyonnaise-Style, followed by the classic French Consomme.

Souper Soups for Supper

25m 5s

  • Fowl Play: asset-mezzanine-16x9

    Fowl Play

    S1 E26 - 25m 4s

    Bold flavors make Jacques’ Turkey Cutlets in Anchovy-Lemon Sauce a winner and Shorey, Jacques’ granddaughter, is ready to dive into her serving. Then, Claudine assists her father as they make Grilled Chicken with Tarragon Butter. Lastly, Jacques reveals a simple way to bone out a chicken and makes a Ballotine of Chicken with Spinach Filling.

  • Ocean Options: asset-mezzanine-16x9

    Ocean Options

    S1 E25 - 25m 3s

    Jacques demonstrates Brandade de Morue au Gratin, a dish he regularly made for his mother-in-law. He continues with an elegant Sea Bass in Shredded Potato Skin, a flavorful broth poaching dainty filets of fish in Jacques’ Nage Courte of Striped Bass recipe--not nearly as complicated as it sounds--and Codfish in Olive Oil and Horseradish Sauce.

  • Sweet Endings: asset-mezzanine-16x9

    Sweet Endings

    S1 E24 - 25m 4s

    Jacques crafts Chocolate Mint Truffettes met with excited approval by a friend. Then together the pair make Quick Almond and Plum Cake using whole plums, expertly removing the pits. Crispy Tuiles a l’Orange follow--simple to make if you keep one eye on the oven while they bake! The same goes for the Summer Cornets Susie. They’re all desserts that impress guests, but don’t stress out the chefs.

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