The Earthshot Prize

2023 Nominees: Fix our Climate

These nominees urgently focus on reducing carbon emissions and slowing global heating. Boomitra work with farmers across the world to promote soil health and the capture of carbon through satellite technology; in America Aquacycl are innovating in reducing the carbon needed in treating wastewater; and in Tasmania, Sea Forest have developed a seaweed-based supplement to feed to livestock.

2023 Nominees: Fix our Climate

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  • The Earthshot Prize 2023: asset-mezzanine-16x9

    The Earthshot Prize 2023

    S2023 E1 - 58m 29s

    Celebrate the annual ceremony of Prince William’s prestigious environmental award: The Earthshot Prize. The star-studded event honors this year’s five winners and their innovative solutions to help repair our planet within the next ten years.

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