Dining With the Chef

Hosts Yu Hayami and Patrick Harlan, with the help of Japanese chefs Tatsuo Saito and Rika Yukimasa, introduce Americans to the techniques, ingredients and harmony of Japanese cuisine. The series features a wide variety of Japanese dishes that can be prepared at home, from beef bowl with poached egg and rice to tofu hamburger steaks made with low-fat ground chicken. Other dishes include Japanese-style stewed beef, Japanese-style fried meatballs seasoned with soy sauce, ginger and nutmeg, and deep-fried rockfish with grated daikon radish and ponzu sauce.


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    Dining With the Chef: Cook Around Japan: Kanazawa: Food from a Samurai City: TVSS: Iconic

    Dining With the Chef

    Cook Around Japan: Kanazawa: Food from a Samurai City

    Sep 23

    30 Minutes

    Exploring food from the era of the samurai; in Kanazawa, visitors enjoy dishes that lords and samurai used to love, as well as newly evolved local cuisine.

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