Central Park Five

Crime in New York City

The Central Park Five describe their lives before April 20, 1989. New Yorkers talk about a city divided between the very rich and the very poor. In 1984 crack cocaine comes to the city and the crime rate soars.

Crime in New York City

8m 53s

  • The Central Park Five: asset-mezzanine-16x9

    The Central Park Five

    S1 E1 - 1h 59m

    THE CENTRAL PARK FIVE tells the story of the five black and Latino teenagers from Harlem who were wrongly convicted of raping a white woman in New York City’s Central Park in 1989. The film chronicles The Central Park Jogger case, for the first time from the perspective of these five teenagers whose lives were upended by this miscarriage of justice.

  • After the Central Park Five: asset-mezzanine-16x9

    After the Central Park Five

    13m 5s

    The Central Park Five talk about what the film means to them, how they met Sarah Burns, and what the screenings have been like.

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