Celebrity Antiques Road Trip


Two celebrities hit the road in classic cars for a tour through Great Britain. With antiques experts by their sides, they search the local stores for treasures, competing to see who can turn a £200 budget into a small fortune. Their adventures take them off the beaten path and allow them to learn about the little-known stories behind some of the greatest events in British history.



  • Linford Christie and Katharine Merry: asset-mezzanine-16x9

    Linford Christie and Katharine Merry

    S7 E20 - 58m 47s

    Olympic runners Linford Christie and Katharine Merry team up with Road Trip regulars in a race to make the most money from antiques. On their trip through Oxfordshire, Linford pins his hopes on a tiny brooch, despite it costing a three-figure sum. Katharine, meanwhile, buys an item from the 1920s on the hunch that it will appeal at auction.

  • Roberta Taylor and Trudie Goodwin: asset-mezzanine-16x9

    Roberta Taylor and Trudie Goodwin

    S7 E19 - 58m 50s

    Actors and best friends Roberta Taylor and Trudie Goodwin set off from Glasgow in two very nice classic cars and in search of antiques. Norwegian silver catches the eye of one celebrity, while the other is influenced by the taste for gin. Plus, Roberta learns how a fracas with an elephant closed a Glaswegian theatre, and Trudie rolls up her sleeves to build a wall in a field.

  • Valerie Singleton and Diane Louise Jordan: asset-mezzanine-16x9

    Valerie Singleton and Diane Louise Jordan

    S7 E18 - 58m 30s

    Blue Peter’s Valerie Singleton and Diane Louise Jordan compete to find the most profitable antiques. Diane learns about the transformation of a grand country estate into a highly rated military hospital during WWI, while Valerie discovers the 19th century process that revolutionised the world of photography.

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