The Age of Nature

European Bison Roam Poland's Bialowieza Forest

European bison roam the oldest forest in Europe. We learn their role in the ecosystem and the importance of protected ancient forest and biodiversity. These healthy forests will be stronger in the face of climate change.

European Bison Roam Poland's Bialowieza Forest

2m 57s

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    S1 E3 - 54m 40s

    Discover why restoring nature might be our best tool to slow global warming. From Borneo to Antarctica, the resilience of the planet is helping us find solutions to cope and even mitigate climate change, providing hope for a more positive future.

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    S1 E2 - 54m 40s

    Explore how a new understanding of nature is helping us find surprising ways to fix it. From the Pacific Northwest to Yellowstone to Scotland, scientists, citizens and activists are restoring the environment, benefiting humans and animals alike.

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    S1 E1 - 54m 40s

    Discover how a new awareness of nature is helping to restore ecosystems from Panama to China to Mozambique. See how innovative actions are being taken to repair man-made damage and restore reefs, rivers, animal populations and more.

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