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WETA broadcasts on four channels, 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Our channels are WETA TV 26, WETA HD, WETA UK and WETA PBS Kids. See below for details including a breakdown of channel numbers by service provider.



The flagship PBS channel in the Washington metropolitan area. 

How to watch:

Via antenna: 26.4

Comcast: 26

Cox: 26, 802

Verizon FIOS: 26

RCN: 26



Primetime programs in high definition, 24 hours a day

How to watch:

Via antenna: 26.1

Comcast: 800 (DC Area), 219 (Baltimore)

Cox: 1026 (Fairfax), 1003 (Fredericksburg)

Verizon FIOS: 526

RCN: 613

DirecTV: 26, 26-1

Dish Network: 8076



Your favorite British programming, 24 hours a day

How to Watch:

Via antenna: 26.2

Comcast: 265

Cox: 800

Verizon FIOS: 474


WETA PBS Kids ChannelWETA PBS Kids

The best in children's television, all day every day.

How to watch:

Via antenna: 26.3

Comcast: 266

Cox: 801

Verizon FIOS: 472

RCN: 38


On Demand

It's never been easier to watch your favorite WETA and PBS shows. With on-demand offerings from your cable provider, and a large online video archive, WETA puts you in charge of what, when and where to watch. 

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Watch Online

You can also watch up with many of your favorite PBS programs and WETA local features online. 

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