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Donors Who Make a Difference

WETA touches each donor's life differently. We hope that by reading the stories of other Leadership Circle donors, you'll recognize what WETA inspires in you!


Connie McAdam

Connie McAdamConnie McAdam's support of public broadcasting reaches back more than 30 years. She believes that if people are going to have the television or radio playing in the background of their lives each day, then the messages they receive should be educational and enriching. Connie is so passionate about this that she made a legacy gift to include WETA in her will.

While Connie is a strong supporter of education and the arts, she thinks that no other resource has the power public broadcasting does to inspire people of all ages, backgrounds and educational levels. As both a legacy donor and a generous Leadership Circle donor, Connie is determined to do what she can to keep this public service vital for our generation and for many to come.


Edward Rice

Edward RiceWhether the subject is current affairs, science, travel or the arts, WETA ignites and informs the passions of Edward and Nancy Rice and their children. WETA takes the Rices places that stimulate their intellectual curiosity, inspiring everything from interesting conversations to fearless cooking techniques.

Sometimes even a program's presentation style can have a transformative impact. "The way WETA filmed Cezanne in Provence — alternating between the paintings and the actual landscapes they captured — re-opened by artist's eye and invigorated my passion for painting," Nancy explains. "Public television and radio spark new ways of seeing ourselves and show us that we're not nearly as limited as we allow ourselves to be."