Historian and author Michael Wood brings his unique mix of history, travel and adventure back to PBS in his latest four-part series, “In Search of Myths & Heroes.” In this series, Wood embarks on a set of “on the ground” adventures in search of the world’s most famous myths: The Queen of Sheba, King Arthur, Shangri-La and Jason and the Golden Fleece. The series will air in two parts, November 16 & 23 at 9 p.m. ET on PBS stations nationwide (check local listings). “In Search of Myths & Heroes” sets Wood off in pursuit of these enduring myths and their roots in historical fact. Wood retraces the steps of these stories and their mythic heroes, crossing the deserts of Yemen, trekking the Himalayas and discovering remote villages in the Caucasus. As with Wood’s past PBS series -- including “Conquistadors” and “In The Footsteps of Alexander the Great” -- the voyage of exploration and the battle to get to the story’s source is half the fun and half the excitement. When “In Search of Myths & Heroes” premiered in Britain earlier this year, it was billed by critics as “riveting, beautifully made television,” “hugely engaging” and as “a series that will be one of the highlights of the year.” Of Wood, they referred to him as “passionate,” “ever enthusiastic” and “a mix of scholar, seeker and historical detective.”

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