Getting Started

What is the difference between the PBS Video App and WETA Passport? 

Watch this video: 

How do I activate my WETA Passport benefit? 

Watch this helpful video! 

I have activated Passport. How do I sign in?

For detailed instructions, please visit the How to Sign In to Passport page from PBS.


Get the PBS Video App

I need to put the PBS Video Qpp on a device so I can watch PBS and Passport videos on my television

The PBS Video App is available to download on the following platforms:



I need help downloading the app for my device

Please visit these guides for additional information about how to download and install the PBS app on your device.

Other Ways to Watch

I wish to watch from my computer or laptop.

Visit Make sure you see your name and the blue Passport rose in the upper left corner of the screen.  If you see "Sign In" instead of your name, click that and sign in to your account.

I need to update my computer browser.

I wish to watch on my smart phone or tablet.

Visit the app store on your device. Search for "PBS Video App."

Other Frequently Asked Passport Questions

I never activated Passport, where can I find my code?

On the mailing label of your WETA Magazine. It's a four-word code. Go to this link:

If you do not see a four-word code, you are either already activated, in which case all you need to do is sign in (How to Sign In to Passport)  OR…

...We may not have a current email address for you, which is the only way one can activate an account. Please contact Audience Services at or 703-998-2724.

What shows are available to explore in Passport now?

Explore Passport programs here: