WETA Guides

WETA's Neighborhood and Restaurant Guides expand the scope of hit local programs If You Lived Here and Signature Dish, providing additional details about the neighborhoods and restaurants profiled.

Changes in LeDroit Park Through the Years: asset-mezzanine-16x9

Neighborhood Guide

The If You Lived Here Neighborhood Guide website goes deeper into the diverse array of neighborhoods highlighted in the program, expanding upon the history and culture of each area, along with providing detailed information about local schools, public transport, walkability, economic data and other factors that make each neighborhood unique and appealing. The site also explores some of the challenges facing the Washington, D.C. area housing market today, such as the need to provide more affordable housing, gentrification and displacement, and transportation access.

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Restaurant Guide

The Signature Dish Restaurant Guide website provides additional information about each signature dish featured in the program, including restaurant locations, links to learn more, reviews, and video clips from each episode, all sorted by cuisine type and plotted on an interactive map of the local area.